Hyperia – The Serpent’s Cycle (Self-Released)

Monday, 20th November 2023
Rating: 8.5 / 10

In five short years, Canadian band Hyperia has released a solid discography from their initial Fish Creek Frenzy EP in 2019 through subsequent full lengths such as Insanitorium on Sliptrick Records in 2020 then Silhouettes of Horror independently in 2022. Now hitting a key watershed moment for the third album with The Serpent’s Cycle, the melodic thrash metal outfit has a new rhythm section holding down the fort. This allows guitarist Colin Ryley and vocalist Marlee Ryley ample opportunity to keep things versatile, blending a tantalizing mix of classic 80’s thrash influences with some modern death, progressive, and groove touches.

The requisite gang-oriented vocals serve up plenty of unison action for the listeners, beyond the occasional narrative samples while Colin throws down a mix of speedy riffs, neoclassical runs/touches, and smartly executed transitions that make sense when you hear the work within “Prophet of Deceit” or “Spirit Bandit”. The talent level throughout these musicians keeps things as catchy as it can be menacing or aggressive, where aspects from Havok to Exmortus appear in one moment, then classic Exodus or Destruction/ Kreator the next. Marlee’s range as a vocalist can go from shrieking screams to full on caustic roars, occasionally injecting a bluesy, clean angle which may surprise a few listeners on the band’s heavier interpretation of Heart’s “Crazy On You”, the classic rock staple turned on its ear. Drummer Ryan Idris hits his kit in full-on attack mode, knowing how to properly channel those speed rolls, fleet fill mechanics, and then settle in for some interesting side intricate action when necessary – “Psychosomatic” a key signature moment for spotlighting all his abilities. The best bands in thrash know dynamic versatility matters, and Hyperia do not forget this aspect either, as “Eye For An Eye” contains plenty of twin guitar harmony runs against some slower, crushing riffs that could cause massive carnage in pits the world over.

Consistently taking that next step in establishing their own brand of melodic thrash/death with progressive tendencies, Hyperia through The Serpent’s Cycle should continue to make a bigger footprint beyond Canadian borders into international acclaim and appeal. Bang thy heads, grab your favorite denim jacket or bullet belt/studded arm band attire and get ready to slam hard to these tracks – it will leave you battered and bruised the right way.

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