Gyre – Moirai (Self-Released)

Tuesday, 12th May 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

“Nu prog” seems to be a term no one is willing to embrace, probably because if throw “nu” in front of anything, it’s like nu metal deju vu all over again. No one wants that. But the movement to reshape progressive metal from an almost nerdy, un-hip slant has picked up steam the last few years, with quite a few bands embracing “prog” or “progressive,” which is where New York/New Jersey outfit Gyre come in. The band (who formed in 2011) are right in line with this sub-scenes ethos, something reflected across the promising five-song Moirai EP.

With a smart, utterly wise aversion to djent, Gyre are in a way, disguised as a modern thrash band with an intensive progressive angle. Various guitar peddles, diddles, and spiraling noodles, weave their way in out of the band’s songs, which while lacking in coherent structure, have enough bounce and flow to them to make things work. The melodic choruses found on the excellent “I Release,” as well as the pensive build-up found on “Behind the Eyes” showcase a band with an ear for hooks, suggesting that these five songs are more than just a venture to screw with time signatures and good cop/bad cop vocals.

Lots to gobble up here on Moirai, with the band, upon each ensuing listen, turning over a new leaf, whether it’s in the vocal department (perhaps their best facet, actually) or in the riff department. As in, they’re not too many young “prog” bands willing to meld some sinister grooves as found on “Dream the Obscene” with an airy, Gojira-like punch. Here’s to the new age of prog metal, eh?

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