ReviewsFathom Farewell – Kraken (Blood Blast Distribution)

Fathom Farewell – Kraken (Blood Blast Distribution)

Arching up the ranks through a consistent release schedule and performing across the local New England scene in club shows plus festivals like Warped tour and the New England Metal/Hardcore Fest, Boston-based act Fathom Farewell display cross-genre appeal with their melodic brand of metalcore on this latest EP Kraken. Diverse dynamic atmosphere plays into the wheelhouse of these musicians – intertwining progressive, djent-like stomp, clean/extreme melodies, and this circular sensibility that demands attention and retains it over the course of each track.

The opposite ethereal clean register against the ferocious screams of Alex Cohen gains the lion’s share of attention, and with good reason. He can easily switch from an almost emo/alternative comfort with a bit of Tool/Maynard-ish charm and then go to blood bursting metalcore mode at the drop of a hat, “Eulogy” some of his best work to date, while the upper clean register gets a workout for the extremely catchy follow-up “In Time”. Supplementary keyboard orchestration filters in for sonic support in the best places, never dominating against the twin guitar abilities of Chantz Mello and James Frost – these gentlemen throwing down riffs that are chunky, stunted, swirling around in the low-tuned staccato / groove ethos for “Nameless City” as if taking in a mixture of Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin, August Burns Red, and classic Killswitch Engage influences. Breakdowns occur in a logical manner, serving the purpose of the song at hand, allowing the musicians to dictate the pace and skill sets in more of a forward-thinking manner. Exotic, cultural runs and progressive cymbal/snare work keeps “Save Your Breath” in highlight mode, the sweeping guitar passages along with Alex’s alluring delivery/melodies exhilarating through each and every listen. At 17 minutes and change, Fathom Farewell displays remarkable talent at keeping the proceedings sharp while executing every idea to its fullest.

Add in thoughtful lyrical content that is metaphorical and allows the listener to absorb, reflect, and resolve inner conflicts of the mind and you have a killer recording for Fathom Farewell to continue their ascent in making a mark on the heavy music scene.

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