Extinction A.D. – Ruthless Intent (Unique Leader Records)

Friday, 12th January 2024
Rating: 9 / 10

Almost a decade in existence, Long Island, New York’s Extinction A.D. produce a savage form of metallic energy that fuses hardcore, punk, and thrash elements. Be it on record or stage, people will be hard pressed not to sit up and take notice to their aggressive, addictive actions – continuing forward through this latest four-song EP Ruthless Intent. A swirling mass of jumpy riffs, ferocious vocals with occasional melodic/gang-oriented support, as well as the proper bass/drum components that drive every key transitional sequence or main power groove mechanics into the brain.

The combination of influences across the 80’s thrash, 90’s extreme/groove metal, and New York hardcore scenes often slams home these sick, bouncy musical angles that are quintessential tension release affairs – battering and bruising in the best way possible to squeeze every ounce of negative energy into a better direction. Never content to stick in one specific tempo template, certain songs can start off at a doom-like crawl before picking up into speedier, heads down thrash terrain with the proper hardcore/crossover switch-ups, as closer “Mortality Bait” illustrates, taking in aspects of Machine Head, Slayer, Biohazard, and Testament over the course of its four-minute arrangement. Conversely opener “Prodigal Scum” contains a clean, ethereal opening before the speedy tremolo runs or crunchy, swinging riffs obliterate – guitarist Rick Jimenez vocally spewing his words in a quick hitting manner that’s menacing in a Robb Flynn meets hardcore delivery. All four songs showcase an adept quality to hook / melodic earworms, this scribe’s personal favorite being “Under the Hood”, the bridge/chorus passages fueled by numerous vocal dynamics, a serious crawling ‘breakdown’ that’s going to cause pit insanity and very intriguing lead axe action. Many consumers will also enjoy the movie poster quality to detail put in the cover art – while the purity of tones/ production values rival their influences, probably on a tighter budget.

Consistently pumping out singles, EP’s and albums, Extinction A.D. are one of the premiere metallic-oriented crossover acts from the East Coast making a worldwide impact through their craft. Ruthless Intent provides additional proof of their vicious attack that has the underground hordes storming for more.

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