Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay (Hammerheart Records)

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022
Rating: 8 / 10

Originally developing their death metal material in that first wave of the 1990’s, Entrails went to rest towards the end of that decade. Guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist resurrected the band in 2008, signing to German label F.D.A. Records before moving up to Metal Blade for 2013’s Raging Death album. Now finishing with their deal after four records, Hammerheart Records is the new home for Entrails for this seventh studio record An Eternal Time of Decay. They say if things aren’t broken, why fix it – in the case of this quartet, they perform in a familiar ‘Stockholm’ style with the right Boss HM-2 pedal dirtiness, savage growls, and energetic presence that followers of Grave, Dismember, and Unleashed treasure.

Straightforward tempos, sinister main riffs, supplementary lead break engagement, and the adequate rhythm vocal delivery are staples of the ten main tracks. When the band choose to churn at half-time measures following the first chorus for “Die to Death”, you can sense the crowd swells and exuberant screams, while the galloping, low-tuned nature of “Slayed to a Pile of Flesh” gets dynamic uplifts from drummer Arvid Borg in double kick/semi-blasting passages as bassist/vocalist Pontus Samuelsson barks the title line with intent and madness on hand. Whether in speedier mode or going for more of a deeper, doomier atmosphere, the spirited leads possess that tenacious bite plus schooled additives to serve up some throwback NWOBHM momentum – Markus Svensson along with Jimmy moving “Open Casket Feast” to the top of memorable Entrails tracks. The intro instrumental sequence of haunting piano, distant noises, and chains allows the subsequent electric instrumentation with “Dead by Evil” that extra dramatic flair, picking up the pace with a little Maiden-esque interplay between the bass, guitars, and drums to show off their solid skills at each spot.

Entrails like many Scandinavian death metal outfits will continue developing pure and honest material no matter what seems fashionable or trendy – which is to the benefit of listeners who prefer this style. An Eternal Time of Decay illustrates the band’s strengths and versatility and should be welcomed with old-timers and possibly grab a few newcomers to the flock as well.

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