Dymytry – Five Angry Men (AFM Records)

Friday, 2nd February 2024
Rating: 8 / 10

The transition from foreign language attraction to English-oriented product can sometimes be challenging. Czech outfit Dymytry started on this path for 2021’s Revolt, which along with touring situations with Pantera and Lordi upped their profile – beyond a sold-out 13,000 seat arena show last November in Prague. AFM Records signed the group and hopes to elevate global awareness through the new album Five Angry Men. Referencing the band’s martial outfits and masked imagery, the title also addresses mankind’s increasing destructive ways towards the planet in a satirical manner.

The sound of the band encompasses a mix of modern, groove metal fusion with cyber/electronic-oriented bursts that pulsate next to vocals that straddle the alternative/modern rock meets metalcore screams embellishment. One minute you’ll feel like you are engaging in more of a penetrating, power groove number like “Everything Is Black”, then something a bit more mysterious or eclectic as the vocals slither in alternative / gothic textures during “Three Steps to Hell”. The main vocals of Alen Ljubic maintain that professional star quality that major arena audiences appreciate – he has the confidence plus resonance much like Disturbed or Five Finger Death Punch that works in the contrasts between softer passages to gritty measures with “In Death With Trust”, a mid-album highlight. Stunted guitar-work syncopated next to bright keyboard lines shifts next to distant melodies / clean accents for dynamic difference to the good on “1939” – the main drum parts very militant in a mid-tempo control that could easily command audience clapping throughout. The diversity from heads down heavy tracks to the occasional, thoughtful power ballad or occasional rap/rock forays makes this ten-track record flow easily, with no letdown across its swift 40-minute playback.

The record cover probably will spark a bit of conversation (or controversy) given the anti-hero holding weapons with animals poking out in the background – yet the musical contents showcase Dymytry as an impressive quintet for those that love commercial-oriented modern metal. Five Angry Men isn’t necessary breaking the mold – more so keeping in line with a sound that may have developed stateside but is gaining traction into a worldwide buzz.

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