ReviewsDevast – Into Decimated Reality (Gore House Productions)

Devast – Into Decimated Reality (Gore House Productions)

There was a definite coolness factor to the artwork that adorns sophomore release, Into Decimated Reality. Nothing says death metal like some creepy, mult-eyeballed creatures with a thirst for blood! Initially disbanded after their first album (Art of Extermination), Devast came back into the metal fold last year with a demo and this album is their latest spawn. Unfortunately, the music behind the art doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

To shoot the straight and narrow, the best and most fitting description of Devast is brutal death metal. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Upon launching into “Physical and Mental Affliction” (“Remains of Human Decomposition” is, you guessed it, an unnecessary little sci-fi/horror intro), you’ll be given everything that Devast has got. Ultra-low gurgles (which do pleasantly avoid all traces of ‘core), meaty and swirling guitar lines with some traces of technicality, and a drumkit that is given a good pounding. It’s all akin to what you’d expect from a band like Devourment and their ilk. There are some solid slams from time to time (“Dismembered Alive with Extreme Violence” for example), and the technical flourishes do their part but it’s still a challenge to really remember anything after the album is over. It does succumb to the classic death metal pitfall in that regard. But on the bright side, it’s a short ride at 25 minutes and Devast does know exactly how to cut through the fat.

Devast is working with a limited palette with Into Decimated Reality. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with it (some good ole brutal death metal is always good for a quick adrenaline rush), there’s nothing particularly memorable about it either. On a blind listening test, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to separate this one from the sea of other brutal death denizens. Recommended for solely die-hards only.

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