Destroying Divinity – Hollow Dominion (Lavadome Productions)

Sunday, 7th December 2014
Rating: 7.5/10

Somewhere along the specialization train, the art of no-frills death metal was inherently lost. Sure, some of the older bands are around and kicking (Cannibal Corpse and Obituary surely delivered the goods with their albums this year), but much on that front has waned and moved into the further retro (read Entombed/Incantation ripoffs) or technically inclined madness. At least Destroying Divinity are intent on pushing up the middle ground still.

If death metal is what the doctor prescribed, Hollow Dominion will be your medication of choice. Not to point the “been there, done that” finger, but there’s nothing that’s going to surprise you here but it’s a good thing. Ripping death metal that is intent on grabbing your throat and squeezing until your last breath of air escapes your longs. A bludgeoning production captures and enhances it all. Beefy and monstrous guitar riffs, low guttural roars, and crashing drums all get their fair share of the festivities to give it their all. Keeping it interesting in two different directions, there’s just an ever so subtle black metal influences in the riff department (see “Empire of Emptiness”) as well as occasionally pushing some melodies and groove (see “Suffering Redemption”) that give the listener something to sink their teeth into without losing the death metal brutality guarantee.

Destroying Divinity provide something that is becoming a bit of a luxury lately: pure, unadulterated, and unabashed death metal. If that sort of thing still tickles your funny bone (though supposedly there’s no humor with death metal right?), Hollow Dominion hits all the right notes and is quite an enjoyable romp. Relentless in all the right ways.

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