ReviewsNew Horizon – Conquerors (Frontiers Music)

New Horizon – Conquerors (Frontiers Music)

Power metal outfit New Horizon adopts a next man up strategy when vocalist Erik Grönwall got the opportunity of his life to be the new singer of Skid Row in 2022. Thus, Jona Tee knew that the follow-up effort had to serve notice that a quality vocalist would still be in place as not to lose any momentum. Enter Amaranthe/Dynazty singer Nils Molin – leading us to the second chapter of the group through Conquerors. Using historical figures from Apollo to Alexander the Great and others across the globe and centuries, the songwriting glistens with a culmination of potent hooks, resilient harmonies, and supreme execution of classic European based power riffs/tempos.

Nils chooses to belt out the lyrics in resplendent glory to many heroes of the past and present – aspects of Ronnie James Dio, Joey Tempest, and Russell Allen penetrate the aural proclivities when hitting mid-range to high notes and supplementary harmonies within the Dio meets Maiden-esque “Daimyo” or heavier, up-tempo “Fallout War” that’s ideal for those who love the Masterplan catalog. Jona’s careful use of keyboards accentuates the natural bass and supreme layers of guitars he displays – grabbing guest solos to provide extra neoclassical flair to the already virtuoso-oriented main bed of musical hooks at the forefront.

Check it out the stunted gallops within “Messenger of the Stars” or the uplifting nature to his riffs on opener “Against the Odds” to visualize the circular runs that peel rubber, never letting go of that treasured, triumphant scepter to hoist proudly in the vein of classic Nocturnal Rites, Edguy, or others in that late 90s-early 2000’s European mold. The softer “Before the Dawn” allows Nils to use more of his thoughtful register – given a duet assist from his Amaranthe compatriot Elize Ryd, let the cell phones light the night sky to this impressive track. The record closes with the Somewhere in Time / Iron Maiden epic number “Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.)” – Jona retaining the mystic touches in the atmosphere and pacing of the arrangement, Nils belting out those amazing Dickinson-lines, choosing to use more layers of guitars versus the keyboard angles to differentiate things in a graceful manner.

New Horizon have made another consistent power metal record for Conquerors – one that checks off all the mandatory boxes for what you want in this style. Hopefully this will continue to be an ongoing project, as we know that these gentlemen are quite active in the scene through their primary outfits – the quality and professional performances are too good to ignore.

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9 / 10