Death Tribe – Beyond the Red Light District: A Canal Experiment (Blood Blast)

Wednesday, 21st July 2021
Rating: 8.5/10

Anthony Kaoteon’s Death Tribe released an interesting debut two years ago (Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment) which straddled the line among different extreme metal factions in a unique way. Beyond the Red Light District: A Canal Experiment takes the ambitious nature of the debut and expands upon it. Beyond the Red Light District is an impressive extreme metal release that adds symphonic elements, allowing it to double as a soundtrack to an animated film (check out part 1 at the bottom of the page).

Now employing a full-time violinist in addition to members of Obscura and Leprous, Kaoteon continues to assemble a squad of talent to surround him and this album reaps the benefits of that. The violin use is striking (see “Making a Murderer” in particular) and really helps out the cinematic flair in addition to some Middle Eastern elements (“Thawra”). There’s an eerie feel to it at times, such as in “Schavuit,” as the vicious riffs collide with the cinematic elements and square off in a way that accentuates both of them. It allows the album to be incredibly heavy, but keeps a fresh twist to it – a real, larger-than-life quality that many larger bands that employ similar tactics fall flat in. Some melody is also used by the strings, such as in “The World is Sick and Dying,” where the riffs intertwine with it very playfully (alongside Linus Klausenitzer’s bass), which also makes for a thoroughly memorable trip as the album draws towards a finale. Lastly, as with the last release, the blend of genres (black, death, thrash, etc) keeps things interesting over the long haul, augmented by the cinematic elements this time around into something even more grandiose.

Ambitious and compelling, Beyond the Red Light District is an experience in and of itself. Considering the animated movie aspect of it, it becomes something even greater. A definite album to seek out if you want some more creativity added into your extreme metal cocktail, or desire a more cinematic experience to couple with your music.

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