David Readman – Medusa (Self-Released)

Monday, 15th August 2022
Rating: 8.5 / 10

Known for his vast work across the melodic hard rock/metal landscape with acts like Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle, Adagio, and Almanac, David Readman hasn’t released a solo album since his self-titled outing fifteen years ago in 2007. When you’ve established yourself for decades, it’s easier to assemble an ideal set of players and professionals to achieve the best results. Medusa is a star-studded affair, these ten tracks containing a bevy of musicians known far and wide (over twenty-three from all parts of the world) to deliver a power-packed set of melodic heavy metal/hard rock in that European mold familiar to most Readman followers.

Certain tracks ping-pong between sultry keyboard hooks and stellar rhythm guitar foundations that set David up in his vocal wheelhouse for those that know his David Coverdale-like essence in all ranges. Check out “Shelter from the Storm”, a mid-tempo effort that contains alluring layers of guitars, stellar rhythm section mechanics plus a killer keyboard/guitar lead break movement or the power metal driven “The Fallen” where pulsating hits allow David to hit those eagle call highs for the chorus, and another neoclassical-led instrumental battle extends the excitement. After a softer, acoustic-driven start, “Children of Thunder” is another back half winner, the riffing angular in that early Ozzy meets 80’s-Whitesnake manner. Reflective material that allows David to stretch into older Rainbow territory appears on the final track “King Who Lost His Throne” – his bluesy smoothness matching the emotive lead break in that late 70’s/early 80’s period when Gary Moore could make those six strings sing in a special way. Participants include Roland Grapow, Simone Mularoni, Aldo Lonobile, Laki Ragazas, and Eric Ragno- plus a host of others known for work in the melodic hard rock/metal scene across Europe and beyond.

Entrusting the mixing and mastering duties to Dennis Ward, Medusa is another strong record in the deep catalog of David Readman. All who love Pink Cream 69 as well as the 80’s/early 90’s-era of Whitesnake, this will give you the thrills and chills you’ve come to know and appreciate.

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