Daath – The Concealers (Roadrunner/Century Media Records)

Saturday, 16th March 2013
Rating: 8/10

Very interesting, this union between metal label heavyweights Roadrunner and Century Media. Has the industry really shrunk this much? God help us all if it has…

Anyway, this label partnership should only help Daath, who on their second album, The Concealers make a step in the right direction, expanding upon the groove-laden ground laid on 2007’s The Hinderers, but with more aplomb, force, and all-around gusto. At various times, it’s crushing, those deep, neck-snapping grooves led by drummer Kevin Talley (ex Dying Fetus, Chimaira, 80 million other bands) are the antithesis to the anti-groove that permeates the current North American death and deathcore scene.

New vocalist Sean Z. is more than competent, which is what Daath needs to carry forth with weighty jams like “Self-Corruption Manifesto” and “The Unbinding Truth.” Daath is privy to simplicity throughout this 11-song affair; rarely stepping outside of its riff comfort zone, allowing excellent numbers such as “Silenced” and album highlight “Waiting on the Vine” to develop an identity all its own.

In fact, Daath’s course of action and modus operandi is crystal clear throughout: they’re not going to try to beat with you an ill-timed beatdown, “bree-bree” vocals are non-existent and the cohesive nature of these songsallows for some major stickage.

There is a very clear line between the modern maneuverings of Daath and everyone else. Not to say Daath is ultra-original, ‘cause they’re not, but they do have certain sound staples that no one else in American death metal is willing to try. And when you subtract all the wrong things going down in this scene when it comes to death metal, Daath and The Concealers appear to be very much appealing.


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