D.I.S. – Becoming Wrath (Deep Six)

Wednesday, 27th March 2013
Rating: 7/10

Metal has this annoying tendency to overpopulate itself with a given style, with this particular calendar year emerging as the year of the crusty d-beat metal band. Therefore, it’s difficult to estimate where an album like D.I.S.’s Becoming Wrath would land if this were any year other than 2012. Frankly, finding an album like this in the present climate is about as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, so it almost makes one wonder if any of these bands have foresight to realize that they’re about to be sucked into the black hole of crust-ridden sameness. Probably not.

Short for “Destroyed in Seconds,” D.I.S. do in fact, play a brash brand of downbeat-ready death metal. Comprised of former members of Phobia, Mange, and Eat the Living, this quintet is not as reliant upon the Stockholm sound as one would initially think, leaving that up to their mindless contemporaries, yet there’s the expendable rash of thrash, sawed-off guitars, and angry dude vocals. The band is able to cling to some mid-paced groove portions, a lot of which do the album some good, yet the tonality and feel of the album come across as more of a sign of the times than a band capable of finding their own voice. Nevertheless, there’s a few feral moments worth taking a look at, including “No Truth Like the Guillotine” and “Built for the End.”

Since being pissed-off while playing pissed-off metal is no longer a determining factor in an album’s success, bands like D.I.S. will have to compensate for their obvious lack of originality and quality ideas. The Heavy Metal Suggestion Box is always open, though, so maybe the follow-up to Becoming Wrath will heed the words of others. If not, chalk another one up for mediocrity.

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