ReviewsConjonctive – In the Mouth of the Devil (Tenacity Music)

Conjonctive – In the Mouth of the Devil (Tenacity Music)

If there’s one saving grace you can usually rely on with metalcore/deathcore, it’s that the Europeans seem to have a more eloquent grasp on it than we have in the States. It’s less of a blunt object and more of a refined weapon, which may use more than one approach to demonstrate the necessary brutality. Conjonctive provide yet another bonafide example of this with In the Mouth of the Devil.

No one is going to deny Conjonctive the ‘core tag simply based on the amount of chugging, groovy riffs you’ll find in each track. But instead of being entirely reliant upon them, it’s just one element of their skill set. They have a more blackened feel overall, with some light keys and melodies gaining entry on many of the tracks, sometimes offering a more atmospheric moment or darker riff. Conjonctive isn’t afraid to push the heaviness further either, occasionally upping the tempos to heighten the moment, and it works well on songs like “Falling in the Mouth of the Devil.” In the same song, you can find a breakdown at the end of the song, but they’ve earned it by increasing the dynamics. Another important piece is the dual vocal structure, relying on a male (Randy) and female (Sonia) extreme vocal. This too is a welcome introduction, with both vocalists having a unique style to their shouts/growls and bounce off each other quite well.

There are a few moments of the usual deathcore tactics, but Conjonctive seem well on their way to establishing a sound that moves past what you might expect. As is the case with most bands like this, as they move away from more groove/chug moments, they’ll likely come more into their own, and that has some real potential considering what they have pulled off on In the Mouth of the Devil.

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