Chamelion – Legends & Lores (Rockshots Records)

Wednesday, 3rd January 2024
Rating: 8.5 / 10

Ah, glorious symphonic power metal with epic/fantasy elements. Sweeping the listener on a journey to far-reaching lands, that’s what will take place with Finnish quintet Chamelion on this debut album Legends & Lores. Expanding from the visionary founding member keyboardist Marco Sneck, this is a 55-minute adventure into a world of heroes, elves, magical quests, plus other fantasy accents that captivates as the best storylines from this genre attain. Heroic scenes are set to a triumphant musical platform, where numerous choirs, uplifting melodies, plus syncopated keyboard/guitar runs beyond pounding rhythm section mechanics bring all the proceedings to a crescendo.

The best European power metal contains those dramatic shifts in atmosphere or emotional resonance – one moment becoming quite exhilarating while serene the next, incorporating a mix of neoclassical or cultural flourishes. The powerhouse high octane vocal range within the pipes of Tomi Viitola is readily apparent on early favorite “The Shadowleader”, yet versatile on a more controlled, mid-tempo outing on the follow-up track “Faith & Steel” – similar to greats such as Fabio Lione or Timo Kotipelto. Everything from folk-like nuances to cinematic, theatrical aspects appear when the song calls for it – the versatility a strong factor in long-term appeal especially in a tear-jerking power ballad like “The Keeper of the Heart”. People who enjoy speedy shredding battles between Marco and guitarist Jari Satta will delight in the Rhapsody-like “Hero’s Tale” or Sonata Arctica-ish “The Demonic Creatures of the Night”, both musicians instrumentally showcasing obvious seasoned skills in action. What record wouldn’t be complete with an epic song – “Glorious Dawn” at 10:02 containing the requisite orchestration-filled intro, operatic-style choir melodies, building momentum into a neoclassical, progressive metal extravaganza, the drumming of Janne Kusmin uplifting next to the dramatic narrative switch-offs.

Knowledge is powerful – execution key in convincing consumers to follow your efforts. Chamelion evokes that excitement of the late 90’s/early 2000’s in combining influences like Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, and Rhapsody (original years) to elevate Legends & Lores into a solid, dynamically appealing first full-length. Brandish thy sword, don your favored ancient garb to join the quest today.

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