Any Given Day – Limitless (Arising Empire)

Monday, 22nd January 2024
Rating: 7.5/10

Despite having a strong scene over the years, the German metalcore movement never really exploded in the same way that it’s American counterpart did. Bigger acts like Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn nonetheless soldiered on for the genre, as more acts of that ilk began to crop up overseas. One such act is that of Any Given Day, who have now persevered for over a decade and three previous albums after initially gaining a foothold with their potent and fun cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Limitless is their first album since 2019’s Overpower, and it sees the act continuing to polish up their version of metalcore, merging positive lyrical outlooks with hard-hitting riffs and soaring vocals.

While what Any Given Day isn’t really doing anything too far removed from what is more or less the norm for metalcore, it’s the near-pristine level of polish and attention to detail that makes Limitless worth seeking out. The more positive lyrics do make a fine addition, starting in with the triumphant band anthem “Get That Done,” and it also shows off their ability to merge the ‘genre standards’ of a groovy, heavy verse and shifting it into a catchy, melodic chorus with high-flying vocals and airy guitarwork. One thing is certain, the second you make through the track, it’s going to stick with you for a while. Between the driving tempo, the ear-worming chorus, and the resounding melodies, it’s also a testament to how much the group understands what works for metalcore. Follow-up cut “Unbreakable” hits the same marks, launching off from a gorgeous melody at the start into crunchy, mid-tempo riffs that set the tone for fruitful moments from both the rhythm section as well as Dennis Diehl’s harsh/clean dynamic in the vocals. Whether they shift into more modern and aggro-rock territory with “My Way” or dig into more melodic swagger with “Come Whatever May,” Any Given Day utilize every tool in their kit to make each track grab you with it’s sound. In an intriguing development later in the album, the band collides with fellow labelmates Annisokay on “H.A.T.E.” for a team up that merges Any Given Day’s more aggressive side with the melodic undertones of Annisokay, creating an effective blurring that’s particularly noteworthy if you are familiar with both acts.

Any Given Day dole out a solid slab of metalcore with Limitless. Their ability to leverage just enough heaviness to keep it frantic, and change over into sprawling melodic choruses that embed their way into your brain exemplify what metalcore is all about in 2024. While it may not break much new ground, it doesn’t really need to either. If you enjoy this particular style, you are going to love what Any Given Day – simple as that. Hooky, passionate, and heavy. Just what you need from this style of music.

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