ReviewsAlkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues – Dyodyo Asema (ConSouling Sounds)

Alkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues – Dyodyo Asema (ConSouling Sounds)

So, where does the piece actually start? Or rather, where are the verses, bridges, and choruses? When considering this work, don’t even try answering such conventional composition questions, as in this case, no matter. There is no need for proper arrangement when there are musicians like the mysterious Mories, the sole member of Netherland’s Gnaw Their Tongues, and the Belgian black metal sludgers of Alkerdeel. These two unique black metal projects banded together in creation of their collaborative single, Dyodyo Asema, and it is inexplicably uncanny.

The overall sound of Dyodyo Asema can be described as a black metal form of the introspective remoteness that is referred to as white noise. Clearly, there is not actually white noise in this album, but perpetual variations of brooding drone, subterranean psychedelia, dooming measures of vicious metal, and an eerie hollowness of harrowing vocals. With a considerably gradual pace, the seconds under twenty minutes of Dyodyo Asema are beyond arcane, shadowy, and cryptic, melding a deeply isolating, distant trance into forlorn aloofness impassioned by those who live and breathe depressive black metal.

Dyodyo Asema is all on atmosphere – abyssal, forsaking, faintly muffled echoes, tones, and clamors of a viscously blackened atmosphere. Within the opaquely dark instrumentals emerge desolate noises such as scattered storming rains, alarming yet gloomy gongs of a clock-tower, and even distressed horse neighs that, when all threaded together as they are, evoke images of turmoil, devastation, and writhing ordeals.

The esoteric filthiness and perverse morbidities of both Gnaw Their Tongues and Alkerdeel make for an extraordinary fusion of experimental raw blackened sludge. Far from regular music, let alone being entirely typical for metal, Dyodyo Asema is an unfathomable procession into the sounds of black metal abyss.

If Dyodyo Asema doesn’t quite make sense or isn’t virtually gruesome enough, take a glimpse at the crawling infestations of the music video.

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