EP Stream: World Below’s Dereliction

Wednesday, 14th July 2021

It’s Wednesday, and you’ve still got half the week to go. If you need a little anger management to make it through, we have you covered with a pissed-off EP stream of Philadelphia, PA’s World Below. Dereliction is the band’s third release to date, following up 2019’s Carrion and a 2018 demo. Feel free to check it out below, and then head over to their BANDCAMP site if you want to check out some merch, or their two previous releases (you may also check the bandcamp widget below the stream).

What hits first about World Below’s latest release is in line with some older melodic thrash acts that it is. Those who seek the glory of bands like HateSphere, The Haunted, Carnal Forge, or even early Soilworkare bound to catch wind of this and fall in love. It’s thoroughly intense for the 9-minutes it occupies. Opener “Suffer No Truth” wastes no time in barreling into some galloping thrash sections that are sure to get the heads moving around involuntarily, complete with a chorus that dives into some great crunchy grooves to also enjoy. Top it all off with a furious solo and and you’ve got yourself a real banger of an opening track. The title track leans into more tasty sounding grooves but also is capable of doing some explosive thrashy moments to get the pace accelerated. The final cut, “Artifice,” wields both parts of the previous tracks with just as much seething aggression.

World Below continues to sharpen their blades when it comes to thrash. The mix of unrelenting aggression with just enough melody to keep the listener engaged is one that is worth giving up a few minutes of your day. Particularly those who enjoy the heyday of Swedish melodic thrash metal in earlier part of this century. While the number of acts that play this type of material have been diminishing (or so it seems), World Below is an excellent reminder of just how strong this particular cocktail of thrash, groove, and melody can be. Dereliction is a scorcher!

World Below is:
Domenic Rocco – Vocals
Jordan Berk – Guitar
Alexander Cheskis – Guitar
Jeff Barow – Drums
Jack McBride – Bass

World Below at Bandcamp
World Below on Facebook

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