NewsWATAIN Releases Video For "Outlaw"

WATAIN Releases Video For “Outlaw”

Swedish black metal upstarts WATAIN have released the video for “Outlaw,” a song from their 2013 album, The Wild Hunt. The clip was produced by WATAIN and Johan Bååth, who previously helmed the band’s Opus Diaboli DVD in 2012.

Comments WATAIN: “The ‘Outlaw’ video is a knife stab in the face of today’s clean and witty metal scene and yet another step for us to bring back something real and extreme into this limping music movement.”

A short interview with WATAIN vocalist/bassist Erik Danielsson about the ideas and the inspiration behind the video is available on the band’s web site,

The Wild Hunt track listing

1. Night Vision (3:39)
2. De Profundis (4:33)
3. Black Flames March (6:21)
4. All That May Bleed (4:36)
5. The Child Must Die (6:04)
6. They Rode On (8:43)
7. Sleepless Evil (5:38)
8. The Wild Hunt (6:21)
9. Outlaw (5:07)
10. Ignem Veni Mittere (4:39)
11. Holocaust Dawn (7:07)

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