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VERMITHRAX Releases Live Fan Video And Talks About Hitting The Studio For Their New Album

Pittsburgh thrashers, VERMITHRAX, comprised of founding and former members of NUNSLAUGHTER, ARSIS, READING ZERO and MERCENARY (US), have returned to the studio to work on their sophomore release. VERMITHRAX’s 5-song debut EP, Volume 1 was released in late 2013 to rave reviews and is available for Free streaming or as a, “Name Your Own Price” download at

When speaking to Drummer, J.R. JAMESON (NUNSLAUGHTER, ICARUS WITCH, ORDER OF NINE) about the musical direction on the new material, he enthusiastically remarked, “The material written for this next album is as Brutal, as it is Epic, which is exactly where we felt we needed to be to take the next step .” Guitarist, JAMES MALONE (ARSIS, NECROMANCING THE STONE) also said, “Refreshing is probably the first word that comes to mind about the new material. Not only does it capture melody and aggression, but still remains relevant to today’s standards. With natural sounds and minimal editing, the recording is being done in a more organic way, so like I said, refreshing.”

While the band has played recent shows with ICED EARTH, METAL CHURCH, LIZZY BORDEN, SABATON, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and more, they are looking to increase their 2015/2016 tour schedule to include even more shows and festivals events throughout the U.S. and Europe. CROY said, “We thrive in a live festival environment, as much as a theater or club, so we cannot wait to get back out there playing. The new album is all about capturing that feel and pushing ourselves to top any previous efforts. It has all the elements of the metal that we grew up on, so diversity, harmony, shred and some pure brutality.”

In regards to the label options out there, Vermithrax’s vocalist, CROY (READING ZERO, EMANCIPATION SYNDICATE) stated, “It’s not about who is the biggest, because often you can get lost in that sea of bands and debt, but much more about the drive of the staff that work there. This industry is full of passionate, creative people and it’s about finding those that truly understand what your band is trying to create, so that it drives you both, as a team. So far our band has been pretty much self-financed through our merchandise sales, so a label isn’t the only route to explore, but we do have our ears open. We may even decide to go the crowdfunding route, if we feel at that will be the best option for our fans and Vermithrax alike. Either way, look for a 2015 release!”

The live video for “Extinction Event”, whose studio version is featured on their Volume 1 EP was fan filmed and mixed by friends of the band, Michael Weir, Leon Cichoski, Christopher Lee Simmonds, JT Penderville and other nameless souls from the Pitt.

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