SCALE THE SUMMIT: “Stolas” Video Available

Sunday, 12th July 2015

To celebrate the first #NewMusicFriday release date, progressive instrumentalists SCALE THE SUMMIT have teamed with Guitar World to debut the first single from their new album V (Five) in the form of a satirical, ’80s-themed music video. See what the band would have looked like in the glam-metal days and find out some interesting pop-up facts as you listen to “Stolas” below.

The cover art for V was completed by the UK-based artist Duncan Storr, with whom the band previously worked on their 2013 effort The Migration. The artwork is a composite of images that each correlate to a specific track title, and over the past two weeks, the band has led up to its reveal with teaser snippets of each song along with its associated visuals via social media platforms.

V track listing:

1. The Winged Bull
2. Soria Moria
3. Pontus Euxinus
4. Trapped In Ice
5. Stolas
6. The Isle Of Mull
7. Kestral
8. Oort Cloud
9. Blue Sun
10. The Golden Bird

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