RESISTANCE: ‘The Seeds Within’ Artwork Unveiled

Monday, 31st March 2014

Belgian death metallers RESISTANCE will release their fifth studio album, The Seeds Within, later this year via an as-yet-undisclosed label.

A studio trailer for “The Seeds Within” can be seen below.

Comments RESISTANCE guitarist Oli Dris: “The CD elaborates the human race and its defects. How we desperately seek forgiveness, how coward we are towards our reality.

“The lyrical content is heavy and depressive. It metaphorically pictures how helpless we are facing whatever comes at us.

“The music is structured and shaped around this concept. Rhythm is the essence but melody plays its part bringing freshness when needed and making the listener’s journey flawless.

“More brutal, more aggressive and heavier than ever, RESISTANCE matured and will crush!”


PXérus Liévin: Vocals
Olivier Dris: Rhythm Guitar
Shaun Van Calster: Lead Guitar
Benoit Sizaire: Bass
Jonas Sanders: Drums

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