INSOMNIUM Check In From The Studio

Sunday, 29th December 2013

INSOMNIUM guitarist/vocalist Ville Friman has checked in with the following update below. The band is currently recording their new album for an early 2014 release via Century Media Records:

“In addition to Marshall+EVH combo, we’re also using Mesa Single Rectifier and my seven-stringed Mayones to add some more depth and fatness to the sound.

“The new material is definitely more varied than before. For example, we’re flirting a bit with death/black metal vibe with some of the songs. Nevertheless, everything sounds very much like INSOMNIUM and I guess that’s mainly due to our ‘trademark’ melodies.

“We’re splitting rhythm parts pretty much equally with Markus [Vanhala] and also try out different guitar arrangements as we go.

“All in all, the mood is very relaxed and we’re making good progress without too much pressure and stress.”

The band released the Ephemeral EP this fall.

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