I LEGION: Sophomore Album To Feature SOILWORK, THREAT SIGNAL Members

Friday, 29th November 2013

I LEGION, the international project of Frederic Riverin, is back in the studio for the band’s second album. The band’s first album, Beyond Darkness, featured a cast of metal superstars including Bjorn Strid (SOILWORK), Jon Howard (THREAT SIGNAL), Chris Clancy (MUTINY WITHIN), Andy James (SACRED MOTHER TONGUE), Angel Vivaldi (VEXT), Peter Wichers (ex-SOILWORK), and Brandon Jacobs (MUTINY WITHIN). The album was met with great reviews and chatter amongst the metal community.

The success of Beyond Darkness has allowed Riverin to create the band’s sophomore album with yet another all-star cast including vocalists Bjorn Strid, Jon Howard, Chris Clancy, Ashe Austin O’Hara (TESSERACT), Bekki Friesen (DOMENICA), and Sabine Scherer (DEADLOCK). In addition to a notable vocal cast, also appearing on the new album will be Angel Vivaldi, Jake Kiley (STRUNG OUT), Pacal “Paco” Jobin ( THE AGONIST), Sebastian Reichl (Deadlock), and NATE RENDON.

I LEGION has put together a funding campaign seeking help from fans so they can see this album through its finish and deliver yet another metal masterpiece. Donating fans have multiple options for their generosity including a song mixed by Chris Clancy, a vocal guest appearance by Jon Howard, and a guitar lesson with Angel Vivaldi. More info here.

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