Dead Week in Review June 1 – June 7, 2014

Saturday, 7th June 2014

Two titans of progressive metal (if you want to call both of them such a thing) Mastodon and Opeth streamed new songs this week, thus setting the stage for two releases that should dominate the summer release schedule schedule. Mastodon is generally a safe-bet, but Opeth purposely wondered away from their core sound on 2011’s so-so Heritage, and seem to be on the same trajectory with their forthcoming Pale Communion. However, one song an album does not make. Should be an interesting summer… – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
Up for grabs: New albums from Battleroar and Vestal Claret. Click here to enter.

Our May Album of the Month is Agalloch’s Serpent and the Sphere.

Caught in the act: Texas rockin’ rockers Scorpion Child in Toronto.

Kyle McGinn goes Sifting Through Bandcamp for more hidden gems.

U.K. post-hardcore metallers Polar look to make a dent on American shores with their enjoyable Shadowed By Vultures. Read what the band had to say about that, and their future plans here.

German power metal upstarts Gloryful have a current Night in Gales member in the ranks, and an enjoyable new album by way of Ocean Blade. Matt Coe investigates.

One of the more reliable USBM bands, Pact caught up with Bridget Erickson, for a getting-to-know session.

We are a few weeks early, but who cares? Our Halfway Thru 2014 piece pulls together the staff’s favorite albums from the first half of 2014.

Polish death metal stalwarts Vader continue to do their thing on the excellent Tibi Et Igni.

Party like it’s 1992 with Gluttony’s Beyond the Veil of Flesh.

Misery Index return after a four-year absence with The Killing Gods.

Bloody Hammers make up for their deceiving appearance with some stellar alt-rock/metal on Under Satan’s Sun.

One of the year’s best power/prog albums is Voyager’s V.

Wretched turn in a surprisingly strong batch of tunes with Cannibal.

Veteran French death metal outfit Loudblast should attract some attention with Burial Ground.

The best Irish metal band behind Primordial is Darkest Era. Their new Severance is a must-hear.

With new frontwoman Allisa White-Gluz out front, Arch Enemy have created their strongest album in years with War Eternal.

One of the best pagan black metal compilations…ever: One and All, Together, for Home.

The news in ten
1. An Acid Bath reunion doesn’t appear to be in the cards.
2. Watch an entire Iron Maiden live set from June 5 here.
3. Evergrey to release Hymns for the Broken in September.
4. Falconer’s new album, Black Moon Rising, is streaming in full.
5. Obituary signs with Relapse for the release of their new album.
6. Biohazard signs a new deal with Nuclear Blast. No Evan Seinfeld, though.
7. Killer be Killed releases “Wings of Feather and Wax” video.
8. GWAR’s Dave Brockie died due to accidental heroin overdose.
9. Mastodon streams new song, “Chimes at Midnight.”
10. Opeth streams a new song as well, “Cusp of Eternity.”

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