NewsCULTED: “Illuminati” Track Streaming Online

CULTED: “Illuminati” Track Streaming Online

Swedish/Canadian black/doom metallers CULTED are streaming “Illuminati,” a song from their forthcoming new album, Oblique To All Paths. The song can be streamed via the YouTube clip below. The album will be released on January 17th (Benelux/Germany/Finland), January 20th (UK/World), and January 21st (North America), via Relapse Records.

The band’s Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep debut was released in 2009 via Relapse.

Oblique To All Paths track listing:

1. Brooding Hex
2. Illuminati
3. Intoxicant Immuration
4. March Of The Wolves
5. Distortion Of The Nature Of Mankind
6. Transmittal
7. Jeremiad

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