Sons of Eternity – End of Silence (Massacre Records)

Friday, 8th December 2023
Rating: 8 / 10

A German quintet consisting of musicians with various experience in a variety of other heavy music outfits, Sons of Eternity seems like a fresh upstart in the heavy/power metal style through this debut effort End of Silence. Lyrically tackling 21st century global and personal matters across civilization, the songs take similar anthem-like tactics musically to cement the ideas deep into the consumers. Physical versions of the record differ depending on your favorite format – vinyl buyers will get ten tracks, while CD owners gain two bonus cuts for extra proposition value.

The guitar tones from Matthias ‘Church’ Kirchgessner and Jonas Roßner (ex-Beyond the Black) possess a modern, low-tuned heaviness that provides depth to the main heavy/power riffs on display. An obvious Teutonic/European edge to the way certain songs unfold is evident – the exotic touches or stair step chord progression adds extra heightened tension or anticipation to the bigger payoff chorus for “Stand Your Ground”. Singer Matthias ‘Schenky’ Schenk has traits that contain airy, multi-octave qualities which traverse many of the best in the hard rock/metal business – his personal inflections like that of a cleaner Bernhard Weiß from Axxis while executing addictive harmonies on a highlight such as “Media Zombies”. As the record unfolds more chances are taken – expansive guitar play with bluesy, shred-oriented overtones makes “Travellers in Time” another standout, while softer, dramatic strains come through on the half acoustic, slightly electric ballad “Ruins”. The closing bonus track “Revolution” possesses an interesting Priest-like meets 90’s Metallica atmosphere, the wah-wah solo very Hammett-esque next to the gang-like shouting that appears throughout next to some killer Schenk falsetto screams. They can’t go wrong with expert musician Sascha Paeth (Kamelot, Avantasia) mixing the final product either.

This meat and potatoes-oriented heavy/power metal approach probably won’t set cash registers (or apps) ablaze clamoring for End of Silence right away. Sons of Eternity possesses all the requisite knowledge and tools of the trade to make a slow, steady climb into the hearts of most metal followers, and that’s all anyone can ask for in a flooded marketplace.

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