Sinnery – Black Bile (Exitus Stratagem Records)

Monday, 19th September 2022
Rating: 8 / 10

Together for a decade, Sinnery hail from Israel fueled with the hatred for most things outside of metal on this second full-length Black Bile. They’ve had the opportunity to tour plus play festivals in Russia, Cyprus, and Romania – sharing the stage with Tankard, and Oliver/Dawson Saxon among others, always important in expanding horizons as you spread your material out into the world. Choosing to explore the modern accents of thrash while not forsaking the melodic or groove elements that are also necessary for retention, the quartet possess a killer combination of influences that are quite lively in moving the masses.

The rhythmic nature to the jackhammer riffing plus speedy double kick mechanics becomes central to developing those key aural earworms that captivate metalheads globally. Most will be hard pressed to not submit to the catchy straightforward thrash movements plus half-time transitions for “AntiTribe” or the Sepultura-esque early 90’s assault with a touch of Sylosis stomp during the aggressive, militant title track. Fluid lead breaks infiltrate specific songs, the bluesy touches also adding some Kirk Hammett-like sparks to the quicker 2:38 “Who Will Be Eaten First”, while there’s a driving, 80’s Maiden meets Gojira-ish quality to the strong bass drive plus quirky riffing to make “Bleak” a back half standout – the surprising calm dropout allowing the subsequent doom/groove part to institute mandatory circle pit action should Sinnery keep this a set list staple. Acoustic guitars give chase to blackened tremolo parts during the six-minute closer “Holes” – the blood-curdling screams puncture the sonic framework, background gang vocal support providing that additional larger than life atmosphere as this arrangement twists into modern, mid-tempo/groove metal containing their own cultural stamp. Seeking out Matt Hyde (Machine Head, Trivium) for mixing/mastering purposes ensures Black Bile has that in your face, punchy tonality from first note to last.

Sinnery straddle those lines between conventional thrash and modern/groove metal with enough solid musicianship and heaviness to align well with a multitude of touring possibilities. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take another six years to hear album number three from these gentlemen.

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