Reckless – Sharp Magik Steel (Dying Victims Productions)

Wednesday, 18th October 2023
Rating: 8 / 10

The South American metal movement is real, as talent sprouts across multiple genres from these lands. Columbian act Reckless aims to put their name in the ring when it comes to speed metal through this debut album Sharp Magik Steel. Active since 2019, they previously issued an independent single “Relentless Assault/Prisoner” in the spring of 2020, garnering a cult following which led to German label Dying Victims Productions signing the group. The latest eight songs showcase a sound that is fierce, focused, as well as semi-intricate in its riffing prowess / transitions – echoing influences across European and North American landscapes from the 80’s/early 90’s.

The reverb drenched vocals of guitarist W. Metalbringer give off this evil sense of passion – sinister laughter at times punctuating key closing melodies next to the gang-like background positioning to make the Jag Panzer meets Annihilator-like “Crimson Obsession” an early standout. Axe compatriot Spitfire unfurls killer catchy licks of a speed/early power variety, allowing the fleet tom rolls of drummer Rites666 to accelerate the proceedings in this upper momentum trajectory, where early Metallica finesse careens headfirst into Artillery for “Glittering Death”. Chaotic passages soon submerge into these adrenaline-fueled power bombs, where these musicians know how to properly emphasize the best hooks for simplified choruses with well-constructed transitions – check out “Neutralized” as the opening parts give chase to killer guitar riffs that reach into Running Wild/Maiden-esque cultural sequences. Although certain listeners may feel the production values appear to be a little rough around the edges, it’s not distracting enough to lose the speedy, vicious appeal that grabs you by the throat to not leave you until the final guitar chord rings out on closer “Unholy Odyssey”.

We all know that you can’t recreate the past when it comes to heavy metal – that the importance of establishing your own personality and outlook on what you enjoy should be key in gaining traction in the current marketplace. Reckless through Sharp Magik Steel achieve the desired result – speed metal with the extra benefit of seasoned musicianship intent on delivering relentless headbanging for all parties involved.

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