Nextanative – Prologue: Burn it Down (Velvet Records)

Friday, 19th January 2024
Rating: 8.5/10

Another example that not all idol-related groups have to come from Japan, Nextanative is an Indonesian act that is influenced by the Japanese alt idol sound and it’s culture, but taking things slightly in their own direction. For one thing, there’s a larger band feeling behind the five voices, and the sound pushes in a myriad of directions: not limited to the usual rock and metal, but some post-hardcore and pop-punk stylings can be found across the 5-track debut EP, appropriately titled Prologue: Burn it Down. Be that as it may, Nextanative should find plenty of support from the alt idol sources with the strength of this offering, and those seeking a heavy yet catchy time.

With four ‘true’ songs and a brief instrumental introduction (“Prologue”), Nextanative showcases that they can play off different colors within the idol scene without any weak points. “Enigma” picks up with a melodic gallop that’s quite ear-catching, leading into some grooves as the five vocalists begin trading off lines. No weak links in the vocal arena either, even with some occasional forays into harsher territory as “Takkan Pernah” takes off – even it’s chorus swerves into more aggressive/intense territory for both the music and vocals, only to again switch things up into a more almost hip-hop styled segment for a second. “Sudah Saatnya” takes the group into the closest to traditional idol territory on the EP, merging a pop-punk edge with a more soaring and ‘pretty’ chorus that will claw its way into your head and take up residence for a while. But they do also spice it up with more guitar-centric elements, such as some subtle melodies and earworms, which is a nice touch that does separate them from much of the Japanese scene. The final song is “Burn it Down,” which they clearly saved the best for last. The most explosive cut of the EP, raging with some meaty alternative metal/nu metal riffing and grooves, intense howls and screams, and of course, an anthemic chorus. They get some back up on the vocals from Ramandhika, which gives it some added flair to bow out with as well.

Nextanative proudly showcase they can hold their own in the global idol scene with this first EP. Prologue: Burn it Down has strong elements that they have weaved into their alt idol tapestry, and make them a name worth following if you want something that sways slightly from the more traditional idol movement. Hopefully they can catch some eyes and ears and make a bigger name for themselves as they continue to generate new content.

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