Necroholocaust – Holocaustic Goat Metal (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Wednesday, 29th October 2014
Rating: 10/10

Anti-Christ, pro-goat. Anti-social, pro-war. Necroholocaust. These Canadian black goat metallers rank high as one of the most chaos-causing, civilly destructive, well-nigh inhumane, rude and crude bands known in metal. Nothing kills their confidence, nothing pushes them down and nothing silences the sickness. At long last, eleven years since releasing their first demo and ending a mean streak of kickass splits, Necroholocaust unsheathe their first full-length record, Holocaustic Goat Metal.

Beginning to end is a wild ride through cataclysmic hell and perpetual darkness. The intro is like a warped crevice of black noise struck by a cyclone of obscurities. Indecipherable murmurs, unidentified gurgles, groans and growls, goats bleating and a terrified girl screaming like she’s in an old horror flick. It’s a cold welcome into 2-discs/40+ minutes of bone-crushing moshpit material. Musically speaking, these barbaric creations are brilliant. Jutting out in a dissonant fury, rampant notes trample one other in a stampede of sound. It’s a pummeling downpour of sharp-shredding guitars with annihilating riffs, a rumbling raid of thunderous bass, butchered by the drums in a bass-stomping, toms-lacerating, snare-stabbing, cymbal-blistering massacre. The vocals rule; those treacherously deep-toned, abrasively textured gutturals go ballistic with perverse lyrics varying from sacrilegious views to sadistic fantasies. Together, these killer artists make thrilling tunes.

Dissecting this record into three solid perspectives gives a full-assessment of what’s heard aurally, what’s felt internally and what scars mentally. Necroholocaust held onto their aggressive/assertive attitude (feel the mood); expanded their dynamics by breeding transcendence without sacrificing brutality (listen to the sound); carried out onslaughts of sodomy, blasphemy, profanity and desecration (think about the matter). It delivers twisted pleasure to the ear, intoxicates the temper, and adversely corrupts the mind. Music like this is a weapon of mass destruction and Christ’s worse nightmare. “Slaughter the Lamb.”

Holocaustic Goat Metal is a masterwork. Necroholocaust are more punishing than ever, a violent riot in every measure. They define their own and stand alone. They’re dark, cruel, heavy, raw and nasty but not precisely black, death or war metal. What we have here is goat metal ramming a holocaust against humanity by means of musical terrorization and apocalyptic decimation. Dare to rage with the old goat? Two horns up.

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