ReviewsCrimSun – The Sun Will Rise in Me (Self-Released)

CrimSun – The Sun Will Rise in Me (Self-Released)

Modern melodic death metal never fails to catch this scribe’s ear. Just when you think there’s no new bands to discover in the genre, you can hop onto Bandcamp and find a good half-dozen more. Russia’s CrimSun is the latest act found this way, with The Sun Will Rise in Me being their first ever offering. And as such, it hits the expected marks with care.

Fully diving into the dual vocalist range, you’ll find just as many vocal hooks on The Sun Will Rise in Me as you will guitar melodies. Marya Geroinya handles the clean vocals – veering further away from too much operatic stuff and focusing on more grit and energy in her performance. Alexio Sanvalter does the growl work, operating within the expected range, but still possessing enough power to give a solid performance. They thankfully avoid the usual ‘beauty and the beast’ formatting despite more or less splitting the vocal duties, and that should suit the band well going forward. In terms of the band’s melodic structure, there’s some cues towards In Flames and The Unguided in their approach. Something that stays riff-heavy while incorporating plenty of electronic/synth elements into their sound. It sticks more firmly in the metal realm than some may expect (perhaps due to Sanvalter’s extreme vocals), but occasionally one can hear a vibe that feels more Hypocrisy than anything more modern (see “I Miss the Winter”). However, they can assert a pretty modern vibe when called for (“Dance Dance Dance”), which gives them a good range of material that they can pull from.

CrimSun are off to a good start with The Sun Will Rise in Me. While they are sitting comfortably in a modern melodeath zone with their material, it’s quite well written for a debut. And given the range that they have started to display here, and further expansion down the road is only going to make them that much stronger.

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