ReviewsBlynd – Unbeliever (Pitch Black Records)

Blynd – Unbeliever (Pitch Black Records)

Sometimes momentum can be a slightly uphill climb, especially if it’s been a while across as a band’s career arc since releasing a record. Cyprus quartet Blynd arise out of this category – starting in 2003, they released three albums from 2011-2015 (the last of which Liber Sum received some praise from the creator of this site in the December 2015 Rapid Fire column). Nine years later, Unbeliever is the follow-up effort – straddling the lines of thrash/death metal with a mix of varied slow, mid-paced and faster tempos to ensure maximum dynamic versatility while also adding a bit of progressive to groove punch to the proceedings.

Immediate checkmarks that attest to the band’s naturally potent blend of aggressive thrash and brutal, low-tuned death musical platform are the gruff growls to demanding hoarse screams of bassist Andreas Paraschos as well as the impressive delivery from traditional kit parts to speedy blasting mechanics out of drummer Alex Iacovou. When the musicians lock into a central, groove-induced riff that commands attention like “Primordial Hunter”, they branch out into some crunchier rhythms or subsequent atmospheric guitar lines that still captivate, much in the way that Kreator, Amon Amarth, or Sepultura have made part of their staple sounds. The fade in keyboards next to the forceful vocal/guitar combinations make “One Last Dance” another immediate headbanging standout – the middle stairstep riff transitions along with the vitriolic voicing perfect for a wah-wah enhanced, energetic solo break. “1984” contains samples that relate to the Orwellian mass surveillance lyrical concept of the song, riding once again that fine line between thrash and death, with additional clean vocal support from Andreas Spyrou of Speak in Whispers, the final passage pushing the progressive edges of chaos. Newest guitarist Andreas Hadjipandelis along with veteran George Masouras fill the sound seamlessly, constructing great hooks that shift speeds/gears for effective metal horns approval – investigate “Uncrowned” or “Between Two Worlds” as key signature elements to their techniques.

Probably a lot of the underground followers will find Blynd very new to them based on their long downtime between albums – but it shouldn’t stop you for owning Unbeliever. This is a quality European-oriented thrash/death outing that’s every bit as aggressive as it is razor sharp, seeking to appease those who love both genres while not seeking out commercial appeal in the slightest.

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8 / 10