Amberian Dawn – Darkness of Eternity (Napalm)

Tuesday, 7th November 2017
Rating: 7.5/10

If there’s one thing to be said for Amberian Dawn, they certainly are prolific. With 8 full-length releases in the past ten years, they’ve been able to position themselves among the symphonic/power metal scene by sheer volume alone. Darkness of Eternity sees the band continue to progress in their given direction, taking the necessary bombast and peppering it with more pop elements.

Darkness of Eternity seems to have a bit of a split in direction. Some songs have a more straight-ahead symphonic/power metal vibe to them, in the same Sonata Arctica and Nightwish direction that they’ve continued to cater towards with their previous material. Truthfully told, these songs like “Luna My Darling” and “Dragonflies” are the weakest point of the album. Not bad tracks on their own (the gallop of “Golden Coins” has plenty of potency to it), and they definitely quench the thirst for genre-fans, but it seems when they really embrace the poppier vibes, it gives them more room to work in. The ‘80s synth-heavy bounce of “Sky is Falling” may come off as a bit much to some, but that’s what symphonic metal is all about. Embracing the larger than life and bombastic. It’s hard not to crack a smile with delight with the afore-mentioned “Sky is Falling” or “Maybe” joyfully make their way out of the speakers. “Breathe Again” has an uplifting feel as well, providing a hybridization of the cinematic sound of symphonic implementation with a knack for catchiness. Even here, there’s a more unique energy that comes through that seems primed for the taking by Amberian Dawn.

At its best, Darkness of Eternity is absurdly catchy (and kitschy) in playfully energetic ways. While some songs may feel a bit more traditional in nature, it’s still enjoyable from start to finish. Though one longs for the album when they really dive in 110% with the ‘80s synth and ABBA elements to deliver something entirely over-the-top.

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