NewsMano Humana’s Osvaldo Guzmán: What I’m Listening To

Mano Humana’s Osvaldo Guzmán: What I’m Listening To

Never heard of this trend before. It actually feels kinda strange, but man, if there’s a possibility to make people listen to this band, I’m taking it, no questions whatsoever. I saw this trend thingy and hell, I’m in…

Antigama. What a band. I remember when I first heard them: My Facebook page popped the Meteor album on my feed. Some random dude posted the YouTube link of that whole album to listen. It came from a grindcore fanpage I hardly remembered being signed up in the first place, but whatever, I was bored and I’m always in the mood for some good ol’ grindcore, so yeah, I gave it a try.

antigama-meteorMy mind blew up the very first seconds of the first song. The sound was clear but noisy at the same time, pure total chaos arranged in so many different ways… it was nuts… that whole album was nuts. Every song was different, every song was unique, who are these guys? Where did they came from? Is this their first album? How can you make something as plain and straight-forward as grindcore so creative?

Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, those classic grindcore sounds are always a blast (no pun intended) to listen, they feel so strong and full of guts…it’s extreme, and I love it for what it is, even if they get a little predictable or same-y at some points. Well, Antigama addressed that “issue,” they made that entire album one song different from one another but keeping it brutal and creative all the way through. I was instantly in love with Meteor, the whole album was seriously awesome. Is this band new? Fuck no.

I was blown away not by the fact that they have tons of other albums out there; the fact that every other album is entirely different from one another and every song in every record is unique on their own. It’s just insane, It’s really hard to see this kind of extreme music get so crazy with fun experimentation, Antigama is a band that I’m currently listening and I fully recommend to anyone with an urge for extreme. Expect Napalm Death meets Dillinger Escape Plan meets a ton of different ideas and put them on a blender. I’m still discovering them, but up to date they have been a huge pleasant surprise. I recommend listening and buying these full albums and EP’s: Discomfort, Meteor, Stop the Chaos, Resonance, The Warning and their new album The Insolent. Holy shit… you’re in for a treat.

Osvaldo Guzman is the lead singer of Mano Humana. Sombras, their debut album is coming up soon via You can listen the whole album in advance at this location.

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