NewsFREEDOM CALL To Release "Beyond" In 2014

FREEDOM CALL To Release “Beyond” In 2014

German melodic metal band FREEDOM CALL are scheduled to release their latest studio album, Beyond, on February 21st in Europe, the 24th throughout the rest of Europe and March 4th in North America

Chris Bay, the group’s vocalist and guitarist, has announced an offering consisting of 14 classy songs: “Stylistically, we have remained faithful to ourselves, in fact we’ve even returned to a slightly more traditional direction. I think that’s probably the result of recent tours, where we had lots of fun with the classic FREEDOM CALL numbers, which not only a lot of our faithful fans from the band’s early days will appreciate.”

Beyond was recorded by the current line-up featuring Chris Bay, Lars Rettkowitz (guitar), Ilker Ersin (bass) and Ramy Ali (drums) at the Separate Studios in Nuremberg and FREEDOM CALL’s own studio. The album was produced by Chris Bay and Stephan Ernst.

Along with the album release, there will be a video clip to support “Union Of The Strong,” along with “Knights Of Taragon” and “Colours Of Freedom” a typical FREEDOM CALL number. Chris Bay promises a perceptible musical development with lots of interesting accents and a number of surprises: “‘Dance Off The Devil’ – the ‘off’ is consciously spelled with a double ‘f’ – with its African rhythms and mystic grooves may sound slightly unusual, but it perfectly suits the album title, which is meant in a spiritual sense.”

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