NewsFormer SABATON Drummer Robban Beck Issues Statement

Former SABATON Drummer Robban Beck Issues Statement

Former SABATON drummer Robban Bäck has released the following statement:

“I keep getting tons of e-mails from all over the world regarding this matter so I feel it’s time to speak up… NO, I am not the drummer of [SABATON] anymore, and NO, I wasn’t kicked out. I made the decision to LEAVE the band for many reasons, but it was NOT because I was tired of touring and it was CERTAINLY NOT because I’m planning to stop playing drums.

“I love to tour and I love playing drums, and that’s why 2014 will see me do it more than ever before!

“As a working musician for years, I’ve learned to always stick to working with the bands and people that hold the highest professional standard, both on and off stage, and that is what I’m gonna keep on doing. Period.

“Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates. 2014 will be incredible and I can’t wait to see all of my hard-rocking brothers and sisters all over the world!”

SABATON played its first show with new drummer Hannes Van Dahl on November 16 at the Metal Hammer Paradise festival in Germany.

Regarding their decision to enlist Hannes Van Dahl, SABATON said in a statement: “For some time, there has been rumors about Robban coming back soon, or that Snowy [Shaw] would fill in for a while longer, or even take Robban’s place permanently behind the drums.

“To put an end to these rumors we now present our new full-time member in SABATON: Hannes Van Dahl. Hannes has previously played in EVERGREY, which we have toured with in the past, and he has also worked side by side with us as drum technician for Snowy during his time in SABATON.

“We would of course like to thank Robban and Snowy for their great time in SABATON, and we will continue to support them in everything they will do in the future!

“In just a few weeks we will start recording a new album and more details will be presented very soon! The topic for the new album is set and we are very excited, it’s totally SABATON.”

SABATON’s latest album, Carolus Rex, was released on May 22, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records

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