Trainwreck Architect Summer Tour Blog Part I

Thursday, 19th June 2014

Montreal-based classic thrashers Trainwreck Architect have been kind enough to lend their summer blog to us, so without further ado, here’s the band as they criss-cross Canada in their van…

Last weekend was the biggest part of our Wreck the Road tour, playing Quebec City and our home town Montreal; we were expecting a really good crowd for both of these shows. The Quebec City show was held on a Friday the 13th… probably the rainiest day I had seen in my life… the venue La Salle Unisson was a bit creepy at first: no sign of the venue outside. Then, we had to go downstairs into what looks like an underground labyrinth. The main room of the venue looked like those underground vampire party places  you could see in the Blade movies. To summarize, all the ingredients were there for this show to turn into a horror scenario…

But it did not! The venue itself was actually really cool! It is an experience to play in such an underground place. The backstage area was as big as the main show room (which is really big!). In the backstage, there was an enormous white brick wall where all the bands could choose a brick to write their name:

(with RAZA and Guitarist from CAYM)

The owner of the place Fred is a really cool guy. He built this venue by himself, puts a lot of work into it, and you can see the guy really enjoys organizing shows, and does it passionately. We were really happy with the show we did. There was a good crowd and people were really receptive to our music. We had people moshing, headbanging and girls dancing! This show will stay in our memories and we recommend to every metal head passing by Quebec City to visit La Salle Unisson. This venue has something really special!

trainwrectarchitecttourblogThen, the next step was the show at Piranah Bar in Montreal, our hometown. This bar is probably my favourite venue in Montreal This place just puts you in the mood to party, instantaneously! We had a really good crowd at this show too, the place was packed! Again, we felt our music totally threw the party in the place, people were singing the lyrics with us, headbanging and surprisingly… Again, some people were dancing on our two new songs “Midnight Bitch” (80s hard rock feeling)  and “By the Balls” (a funky one).

We could feel that the ‘party’ element is now an important ingredient of our Wreck’n Roll sound and will be more present on the upcoming album. It gave us the impression that our heavy music was absorbing any negative vibe from the crowd and can transform it into a good time. We also played another new song, “Deep into the Glitch.” This one is a more progressive song going from heavy thrash to atmospheric jazzy vibe. We shared both venues with the Toronto band Caym. Those guys are really cool and they play really good music I would qualify as melodic thrash metal. Their music and their personalities got along really well with us, and we had lot of fun with them!

We’ll finish the Wreck the Road Tour on July 4th in Labaie at Le Lorrie-Ann. We can expect another amazing rock ‘n’ roll adventure.

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Second photo credit: SLF Photography

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