Trap Them – Blissfucker (Prosthetic Records)

Wednesday, 28th May 2014
Rating: 9/10

You know with a title like Blissfucker, you’re going to get an album that’s, well, blissfully fucked up, or maybe just fucking blissful, something along those lines. That note along with some extremely brutal death metal qualities and crust-punk values, plus lots of sludgy reverb and sick screeching amp feedback, not to mention a relentlessly aggressive attitude, all only begins to describe Trap Them.

Trap Them are trashy, grungy, death metally punk-rockers who grind noise with unmistakable style. They don’t serve anything but what secretes insurgency and incarcerating rage. Why are they called Trap Them? Because they don’t need chains to seize their fans, that’s why. Once you’re trapped in their kind of dark side, the only faith you’ll find is reaped from the reliance that when Trap Them record a new album, that’s precisely what they do; nothing less, but maybe something more. Trap Them recorded a new album with the essence of their original style, and it’s great.

Upon reading the title of the first track, “Salted Crypts,” you can practically taste the saline obscurities and see through the abstruse darkness before even hearing the song itself. Indeed, it meets all our expectations of something called “Salted Crypts.” The reeling rhythms and booming-with-bass beats of “Organic Infernal” are incredibly catchy, to say the least, and you might even say it’s the most arousing of the eleven enticing jams on Blissfucker. As long as Trap Them are concerned, “Sanitations” sarcastically shows us that there is nothing sanitary about this album at all, it’s all just filth. It’s wonderfully dirty filth to roll in like the metal/punk-pigs we are.

No, there is nothing pleasant about this record at all. It’s less like good music, and more like good noise. If you’re looking for something pretty to listen to, just turn around and walk away. Contrarily, if you want something thrillingly brutal and extremely intense to listen to, Blissfucker is a terrific choice. Go ahead, crank the bass and turn up the volume, because this is a riot. Follow what Trap Them vocalist Ryan McKenney said in a previous statement: “Buy it and help us make Baby Jesus cry.”

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