ReviewsImmolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast Records)

Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast Records)

Every genre has those carbon copies musicians who year after year release washout records unto the athirst masses, not to mention artists who haven’t the slightest clue of when to call it quits. Immolation isn’t one of those bands, in fact, every time they unleash new material they improve without compromising their integral sound. New York’s death metal pioneers have been at it for twenty five years and they possess one of the most striking discographies in death metal. Their latest release, Kingdom of Conspiracy continues that legacy – blending blistering, riff laden, no bullshit death metal and leaves them once again outdoing their peers at every turn.

Classic Immolation rings through early on for this photojournalist with “Keep The Silence” – its swirling riffs, hard-hitting drumming resembling the sound of a machine gun hits the sweet spot. Bob Vigna remains relentless, executing technical riffs that boast his many talents while Ross Dolan spews guttural growls that make him a worthy opponent to Morbid Angel’s David Vincent.

Kingdom of Conspiracy’s lyrical structure shifts over to an Orwellian-like entrenchment rather than the religious and political themes broached on predecessor albums. “Echoes Of Despair” slays oddly enough with its unpredictable song structure and offers something lyrically that anyone can relate to.

The closing track “All That Awaits Us” was a flawless way to end the release, its intricate wails will leave you hooked. If you are looking for a satisfying album from a band that know what’s up, look no further than Immolation’s latest. No trends, no fads, just authentic death metal spirit.

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