Song Premiere: Valdur’s “Breath of the Beast”

Saturday, 18th November 2017

In the mood for some metal that’s raw, unfiltered, and nasty? We’ve got you covered with a premiere of the lead-off cut from Valdur’s upcoming release, entitled “Breath of the Beast.” Due out on December 1st through Bloody Mountain Records, Divine Cessation is the California-based black/death metal act’s fifth release, following up 2015’s Pathetic Scum. You can check the stream below, as well as scroll further to hear the album’s title cut from Bandcamp (as well as plenty of album info).

Of the cut itself, it’s primal, grimy, and altogether rotten, in the way that only extreme metal can provide. Taking the bleak, sepulchral sounds of Incantation, a blackened edge and raw power, and a heavy dose of brutality, “Breath of the Beast” is the strongest type of opening track. It sets the tone for the album with it’s black metal-induced visceral carnage, but can still effectively slow things down into cavernous death metal territory to keep it fresh. Buzzing riffs and ominous vocals lead the charge, and when the tempo slows it really grabs you. Filthy but memorable.

Says the label:
Eastern Sierra Black/Death Metal crew VALDUR will release new full-length Divine Cessation December 1 on Bloody Mountain Records. The seven bloodied, snarling tracks therein stand upon a foundation built upon two decades’ worth of filth, sweat, and metal. Frighteningly fierce and eschewing trend-chasing nonsense, Divine Cessation is proudly devoid of triggers, click tracks, and Pro-Tools!

Divine Cessation was recorded at the Bloody Mountain Bunker by VALDUR, mixed by Matthew (Sxuperion), and mastered by Dan at Morbid Mastering. Album cover art comes courtesy of Farron Loathing.

Divine Cessation track listing:
1. Breath of the Beast
2. Divine Cessation
3. The Tail
4. Seething Disgust
5. Doomed
6. Plague Born of a Dying Star*
7. Potent Black Orb

*Lead vocals by Sean Psykho Combat


JF – vocals
Vuke – guitars
William – bass
Matthew – drums

Live photos by LoneWolf Productions

Valdur on Bandcamp
Valdur on Facebook

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