Dead Week in Review: December 8 – December 14, 2013

Saturday, 14th December 2013

Not quite hyperbole territory, but it was a wacky week in metal. King Diamond gets nominated for a Grammy (again), Joey Jordisan leaves Slipknot (a band who falls outside of our coverage parameters), Metallica performs in Antarctica, Steve Harris has his house robbed, not to mention the various “Best-of” features parading around the site at the present time. It’s all near-brain overload, but of course, this is the world in which we live thanks to the 24/7 news cycle. It makes one try to remember what things were like before the constant flow of news and content consumed our lives… – David E. Gehlke

In accordance with our 2013 wrap-up efforts, we are running a giveaway with Prosthetic Records, giving away five (5) of their best releases of the year. Check it out!

We are also giving away Tomorrow, the album from upcoming German modern melodic death metal outfit Sapiency. Check it out here as well!

Caught in the act: Live shots of Fatality, Pyres, Razorwire, and Ayahuasca in Toronto.

Mercyful Fate’s “Egypt” is our vintage video pick of the week.

More Best-of 2013 features from the staff, this time from Daniel Keating, Kyle McGinn, and Bridget Erickson.

A band a bunch of us are currently ga-ga over, Netherlands-based An Autumn for Crippled Children discuss their unique approach to music and social media.

Colorado melodic death metal outfit Cryogen give us the scoop on their formation and new album, Continuum.

Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser phoned DR to discuss the band’s new album, new drummer, and the 15 years vocalist Derrick Green has held down the fort.

Beer metal of the highest quality arrives via Hammer Fight’s Chug of War.

Blackened death mongers Valdur roll out their promising At War With album.

A near metal opera, Epysode’s Fantasmagoria succeeds because of its guest appearances…and lack of pretension.

The supergroup that is Corrections House are cause a ruckus via their Last City Zero debut.

More pomp to flaunt by way of Rhapsody of Fire’s Dark Wings of Steel.

Complex and cerebral black metal by way of Code’s Augur Nox effort.

Slaughterday plays a close-to-the-(leather)-vest brand of death metal on Nightmare Vortex.

Black Sabbath are still standing…somewhat, on Live…Gathered in Their Masses.

Some may find fault with their name, but Immortal Bird are equal parts “devastating and memorable” on their Akrasia debut.

Rare when retro Swedish DM is as convincing as Cursed 13 are on Triumf.

The news in ten
1. Aborted to join Kataklysm on 2014 North American tour.
2. Iced Earth streams new song, “Among the Living Dead.” 
3. King Diamond comments on his Grammy nod with Volbeat.
4. Former Evile guitarist Ol Drake signs solo deal with Earache Records.
5. Carcass premiers video for “Unfit for Human Consumption.”
6. Megadeth’s David Ellefson and Anthrax’s Frank Bello launch new project, Altitudes and Attitudes.
7. Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris has his Bahamas property raided by armed robbers.
8. Soulfly posts video for “Bloodshed.”
9. Cynic issue lyric video for “The Lion’s Roar.”
10. Dream Theater comments on their Grammy nod.

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