Stone Magnum – From Time…To Eternity (R.I.P. Records)

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013
Rating: 8.5/10

Midwest doom metal from Michigan City, Indiana Stone Magnum returns for their second album, From Time… To Eternity. A couple of lineup changes took place following their self-titled debut from last year, as guitarist Dean Tavernier stepped down from the vocal slot, allowing new singer Nick Hernandez to handle the microphone, as well as gaining a new four string bassist in Ben Elliot. Which is all for the best, as these seven songs crush in a way that only classic doom metal can- bringing to mind the best of Europe and North American in their style.

Yes folks, there’s no sign of stoner commercialism within ear shot, as Stone Magnum live and die by the morose melody and down beat plus the ‘riff is king’ philosophy. Hernandez’s voice vibrates with fear and class: elements of Messiah Marcolin, Robert Lowe, and Ronnie James Dio all come into play on such brilliant material as “Lonely God” and the slow Candlemass churning “The Gallows of Ohrdruf.” Drummer Brad Toth knows how to play mid-tempo beats and cut the pacing in halves and fourths if need be- check out the plodding “Uncontained” which contains some killer twin guitar harmonies from Tavernier and fellow guitarist Jim Brucks that are one part traditional metal, another part Trouble.

The best bands in this genre understand the need for channeling frustration, anxiety, and negative emotions into their lyrics and music and as a result this transformative doom release makes everything whole again. Given Candlemass’ retirement from the studio and Cathedral’s retirement altogether as well as Black Sabbath’s return to the spotlight, the world needs more acts like Stone Magnum to continue churning out high quality albums of doom. Feel the chills as these 48 minutes conjure up paradise for this sub-genre.

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