Nahum – And the Chaos Has Begun (MuSick Attack Productions)

Wednesday, 6th January 2016
Rating: 6.5/10

Yet another album with some interesting cover art that made it stand out from the crowd (brutal, but with some bright colors for a change), and thus warranting further investigation. As for the music itself, it tends to lead down several avenues while not really embracing any one thing in particular. Unfortunately, it tends to make And the Chaos Has Begun unlike the cover art that represents it: formulaic and very much a part of the crowd.

Straddling lines of death and thrash, as well as an old school feel without an old school production, And the Chaos Has Begun does make attempts at bringing in a diverse crowd. However, the implementation of the band’s sound often reverts to playing at breakneck pace and nothing more. The first three tracks offer little in terms of variation, going with the older, thrashy feel atop more deathly vocals. To the band’s credit, they have this approach nailed, and opening track “Raging Chaos” serves the name well, even launching a real wicked solo towards the end. “Funeral Age” does finally offer a break from the speed game, as do some of the sly melodies in “Damned” and “Under Fire” but it comes under the too little, too late banner. Much of the album just ends up feeling like a retread of a previous track.

There’s a lot Nahum can work with to deviate from the formula should they chose to do so with future offerings. The lead work is often solid, and they have the speed/thrash playing style down pat. They just need to take the leap and bring it into a few new dimensions to really take off.

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