Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music)

Danish symphonic metal act Ethereal Kingdoms have been quite productive on the recording front since their 2017 inception. A self-titled EP came out that same year – and here they are again signing with Mighty Music for a full-length debut Hollow Mirror. What’s always intriguing about the genre is hearing what influences shape the band’s overall style and outlook – in the case of this quartet, they are willing to incorporate gothic and dark/extreme elements against an elegance that keeps the listener pivoting throughout these nine tracks. Certain songs such as “Heartchamber” and “Silent Dance” contain hooks and grooves that lie on very commercial lines – the semi-operatic vocal melodies swaying in a Nightwish-oriented comfort zone, the music supporting the singing in a seamless fashion, the extra orchestration and woodwind/classical accents providing the extra cherry layer on top of the proceedings. Narrative passages and a steady double kick foundation start the record off for “Distance”, Sofia Schmidt as a singer serene and subtle during the verses and gaining momentum in her upper register through the bridge/chorus as supplementary blackened screams give certain words atmospheric contrast. Guitarist Christian Rasmussen can go from crunchier rhythms to clean passages that convince you of … Continue reading Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music)