NewsMEGADETH Debut "Super Collider" Video

MEGADETH Debut “Super Collider” Video

MEGADETH has released the official video for the title track and first single from the band’s new album, “Super Collider”, and can be viewed below. The clip was filmed on May 10 in the Los Angeles area. California-based model, actress, singer and songwriter Hunter Elizabeth was cast in the lead role in the clip. She says the video is “about a high-school couple still loving each other after all the years after graduation, and at the 10-year reunion, both characters find themselves successful (a model and a mathematician) and still very in love.”

The track “Super Collider”, which was premiered on Full Metal Jackie’s nationally syndicated radio metal show on April 20, was released digitally on April 23 via iTunes.

Mainman Dave Mustaine stated in an interview with Guitar World: “That song kind of came from that ‘Symphony Of Destruction’ corner of my mind. You can’t always play aggressive, thrashy stuff. Sometimes those aren’t even songs; they’re like musical rams. But because I’m not a pop guy, I’m also not really comfortable playing sing-along songs. To me, ‘Super Collider’ made sense like a normal song — a verse-chorus-verse-chorus kind of thing. It’s written the way a real songwriter would write the song, instead of just taking all these musical twists and turns.”

Mustaine also told in a new interview that he wanted to steer the lyrical themes on Super Collider away from both domestic and global politics that have dominated much of the group’s output over the years.


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