Band You May Have Missed: Grey Waters

Tuesday, 8th April 2014

We generally use this column (as so wisely created by Kyle McGinn) to focus on new bands that fly under the radar. However, this site affords one some latitude when making coverage decisions, therefore, we’ll give defunct depressive rockers Grey Waters a ‘go-round as a band you may have missed.

This Australian duo only has one EP to their name – 2010’s Below the Ever-Setting Sun, but it’s right up the alley for those who fawn over Discouraged Ones-era Katatonia, as in, the point in time when the Swedes had a singular, morose focus, built upon hypnotic guitar layers and wistful vocals. Grey Waters follows the same approach, albeit with more impassioned vocals and a definable rock edge, with cuts like “Say Goodbye,” “Broken” and “The Truth In Your Eyes” paying direct, yet totally worthy homage. A shame the band never got around to doing a full-length…


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