DAWN OF ASHES Posts Video For “Poisoning The Steps Of Babel”

Wednesday, 10th July 2013

Los Angeles extreme metal crew DAWN OF ASHES have posted the video for “Poisoning the Steps of Babel,” a song from their 2013 release, Anathema.

Directed by Chris Trueman and featuring such blasphemous imagery as a bloodied Kristof Bathory preaching to a mad congregation of hedonistic misfits, the torture-murder of a pair of nuns by a masked beast, and confessional vituperation of a small child by fellow industrial shocker Nero Bellum of PSYCLON NINE, “Poisoning the Steps Of Babel” is nothing short of a malicious attack on all levels.

Kristof Bathory comments: “Throughout our 12 year history, DAWN OF ASHES strives each time to step up our shocking nature through the music and the imagery that we release to our fans. To us, our music videos have always been the most crucial element when revealing to the world the dark and twisted tones associated with the Dawn Of Ashes name. I feel that the release of the ‘Poisoning The Steps Of Babel’ music video has really shown maturity within us.

“This video truly exploits how DAWN OF ASHES continuously strikes the nerves of censorship while giving holy, organized religions a good slap in the face. Be prepared for the true values of shock; this video holds no remorse. It’s finally time, and the music industry needs a good taste of a pure derogatory form of evil.”

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