ProgPower USA XXII – Day 1 – September 6, 2023 – Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA

If somehow you are unfamiliar with ProgPower USA, let me give you a quick rundown of this amazing festival. The United States is not really known for our metal festivals, but we do have some that are very Read more […]

Broken By the Scream – Whitewater Park (Tokuma Japan Communications)

One of the most intriguing oddities from the Japanese metal scene in the last decade, Broken by the Scream launched in 2016 and have three full-length albums to their credit, not to mention a few EPs, Read more […]

Kerrigan – Bloodmoon (High Roller Records)

It’s always interesting to look at the origins of new bands, as they sprout up in so many different ways. In the case of German act Kerrigan, the duo behind the instruments/vocals already had another Read more […]

Mercenary – Soundtrack for the End Times (NoiseArt Records)

Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to be a metal fan. Some bands may dole out new songs on the regular, but sometimes you might just have wait…and wait…and wait some more. Such is the case for fans Read more […]

Song Premier: Dyssebeia’s ‘Sacrificed on the Threshold’

We’ve got a big song premier that’ll take a lot of you fine folks pleasantly by surprise. Debuting exclusively at Dead Rhetoric is the latest song by the brand new Swiss progressive blackened melodic Read more […]

Farscape – Purged and Forgotten (Dying Victims Productions)

Ten years beyond this Brazilian quartet’s last studio outing, Farscape returns with the appropriately titled Purged and Forgotten as they probably seem like an outside, looking in underground act when Read more […]

Never Obey Again – The End of An Era (Scarlet Records)

Modern metal has taken on influences from a broad range of styles – bringing acts like Spiritbox and In This Moment to healthy headlining status as the next generation to keep the movement alive. Newcomers Read more […]

Death Dealer Union – Initiation (Napalm)

When you hear a band that settles into the ‘modern metal’ category, there are certain things you expect. Leave it to freshly minted Death Dealer Union to manage to subvert those expectations by bringing Read more […]

Mercenary – Forward Momentum in the End Times

Photo: Lucas Peter Bunk When it comes to a strong musical blend of melodic death, groove, and power metal, Mercenary seem to check all the boxes of creative flow throughout their long history. Even Read more […]

Thorn – Evergloom (Transcending Obscurity)

The year of death/doom continues on, friends. This time around, the featured act is Arizona’s Thorn; the solo project of Brennen Westermeyer, who also plies his trade in the grindcore arena with the Read more […]

Gory Blister – Reborn from Hatred (Eclipse Records)

Active since 1991, Italian technical death metal trio Gory Blister show no signs of deceleration when it comes to musically enticing material for this latest album Reborn from Hatred. Receiving stellar Read more […]

Wormhole – Almost Human (Season of Mist)

Continuing to gurgle along through sci-fi soundscapes that insidiously blur the lines between technical and slamming death metal, Wormhole have reached their third full-length offering with Almost Human Read more […]

XFEARS – Investment in Change

This scribe has been an ardent follower of progressive rock / metal since childhood really – watching the evolution of acts like Kansas, Yes, Genesis on through to Rush, Fates Warning, Queensrÿche, Read more […]

Crazy Mad Ride – Life, Liberty, Death (Sliptrick Records)

Georgia is home to strong sports teams like the Georgia bulldogs in college football as well as the Atlanta Braves for professional baseball – yet not necessarily as well known for its metal bands. Maybe Read more […]

Mortal Factor – Where To From Here? (Darkstorm Records)

Swiss band Mortal Factor began in 2003, playing over 130 shows together since their inception. Over the years they’ve issued a demo, a split release with Brazilian thrash band Hicsos, plus a full-length Read more […]

Cryptopsy – As Gomorrah Burns (Nuclear Blast)

Believe it or not, As Gomorrah Burns is the first full-length Cryptopsy album in over a decade, coming off of 2012’s self-titled effort. They kept themselves busy with the two The Book of Suffering EPs Read more […]

PassCode – September 5, 2023 – Gramercy Theater, New York, NY

Personally, it was a chance encounter with PassCode’s 5th full-length album Strive in late 2020 that sparked quite a revolution in yours truly’s musical tastes. Being exposed to sounds like Blood Stain Read more […]

Huronian – Beyond Frozen Heights (Gruesome Records)

Born in 2020, Italian quartet Huronian set a course to recreate the glory days of melodic death metal with blackened elements. Issuing a self-titled EP that included a Dissection cover, their debut album Read more […]

Contorsion – The Children of the Snake (Self-Released)

Contorsion is a Swiss act with plenty of history – forming in 2004, they’ve released a demo, three full-lengths, and an EP prior to this latest six-song EP outing The Children of the Snake. Latest Read more […]

GridLink – Coronet Juniper (Willowtip)

Back in 2014, we thought we had heard the last of grindcore outfit GridLink. Longhena was stated to be the band’s swansong, and it was an incredible way for a band to go out. Weaving together raging, frantic Read more […]

Death Dealer Union – Initiation Time

A fairly new act formed in 2019, Death Dealer Union offer a fresh take on the modern metal sound by giving it equal footing in more classic and current styles. Amid a variety of musicians of different Read more […]

Head Cleaner – The Extreme Sound of Truth (Vinyl Store)

Greek band Head Cleaner have been purveyors of death metal/grindcore since the early 2000’s – although this fourth album The Extreme Sound of Truth is their first since 2013’s Of Worms and Men. A Read more […]

Thy Art is Murder – Godlike (Human Warfare)

A band that has been very so slowly advancing their sound, moving from more traditional deathcore chugging to more of a modern death metal act (aka not relying solely upon breakdown power to define their Read more […]

Outergods – Enter the Catacombs of Madness

Photo: Tom Kelly Beyond coverage of veteran acts, we at Dead Rhetoric do our best to provide insight into some of the latest bands that deserve more than a cursory glance. Hailing from the UK, Outergods Read more […]

Fossilization – Leprous Daylight (Everlasting Spew Records)

For the death/doom connoisseurs, Brazil’s Jupiterian may ring a particularly slimy bell. Having been one of the more unique and menacing purveyors of their chosen proclivity, they’ve been steadily Read more […]

Spillage – Phase Four (Qumran Records)

The Chicago musical landscape has always been active in multiple heavy genres – including the work of this sextet Spillage. Their fourth album Phase Four contains relevant current issue content (science/medical Read more […]