Vulture – Running with the Phantom

Rich in 80’s themes of speed, thrash, and horror, German act Vulture live and breathe for heavy metal. The imagery, the lyrical content, the passion for the genre all come through their three albums Read more […]

Artillery – X (Metal Blade)

Handling a transition such as the loss of a family member is tough – especially one that you’ve played with in a band since 1983. That’s the case for Artillery guitarist Michael Stützer with his Read more […]

Vexed – Culling Culture (Napalm)

Intriguing to think sometimes about how the modern progressive scene can branch into so many different directions and categories. Vexed is an act that can easily be lumped in as a modern act with some Read more […]

Scarved – Flashback (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Establishing themselves in 2012, Belgian act Scarved blend influences from the classic hard rock/metal and the modern rock scene on their third album Flashback. The quartet possess the requisite knowledge Read more […]

Trauma – Acrimony (Selfmadegod)

Polish death metal band Trauma have been an act that does a good job of representing what that particular scene is all about with extremity. Championing a sound that is well-written and riff-oriented, Read more […]

April 2021 Album of the Month – Cannibal Corpse’s Violence Unimagined

This far into their career, it would be easy (and even understandable) for death metal champs Cannibal Corpse just to continue rehashing the formula an churning out more material for touring. Instead, Read more […]

Frozen Crown – Winterbane (Scarlet Records)

Italian act Frozen Crown appears to be at an interesting juncture career-wise. Gaining attention for two albums over the past three years, they were picked as special guests for a tour run across Europe Read more […]

Temtris – Ritual Warfare (Wormholedeath Records)

Well established as a part of the Australian heavy metal scene since the early 2000’s, it’s exciting to listen to the discography of Temtris over the decades as they now release their sixth album for Read more […]

Fear My Name – Vileblood (Self-Released)

Deathcore can be a fickle genre for this scribe, with some bands devotion to the breakdown above all or ‘bro, check these sick vocals’ moments having a tendency to ruin an act. So the most surprising Read more […]

Yellowtooth – The Burning Illusion CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away copies (and a sticker) of Yellowtooth’s new The Burning Illusion CD to five (5) lucky winners! Working with Year of Desolation/Prime Specimen guitarist/studio engineer Read more […]

Grave Miasma – Abyss of Wrathful Deities (Dark Descent/Sepulchral Voice)

As one of the bigger underground names when it comes to more subterranean, dungeon-crawling death metal in the last decade, Grave Miasma have also upheld a position as one of the stronger acts in the field. Read more […]

Dreams in Fragments – When Echoes Fade (Boersma Records)

Making a distinctive impression back in 2019 through their first release Reflections in a Nightmare, hope is high that the follow-up When Echoes Fade continues the wonderful melodic meets darker/heavier Read more […]

One Hundred Thousand – A Journey Around the Zodiac

Coming in with a conceptual release centered around the zodiac signs for their second album, New Jersey’s One Hundred Thousand have a veritable bounty of fresh ideas. Their proggy sound manages to grab Read more […]

Axewitch – Out of the Ashes into the Fire (Pure Steel Records)

Prolific in the early 80’s with three albums and an EP, Swedish band Axewitch return for their first record in 26 years with Out of the Ashes into the Fire. Four-fifths of the main lineup come together Read more […]

Mouth for War – Life Cast in Glass (1126 Records)

The best of metallic hardcore takes the sheer energy, immediacy, and adrenaline from the hardcore scene and drenches it in more metallic and bone-crunching heaviness. With a previous EP (An Ear Kept to Read more […]

Evile – Hell Unleashed (Napalm)

Revitalizing the thrash scene in the UK, Evile established a chunky, rhythmic sound filled with power and precision on their four previous albums for Earache. Following the contract’s completion, they Read more […]

Scar of the Sun – Inertia (Napalm)

One of those bands that boggle this scribe’s mind that it has taken three full-lengths to come across them, given the sheer volume of melodeath and modern metal that DR tends to cover. That aside, Sccar Read more […]

Diamante – Independence and Dreams

Truly coming in hot with her debut, Diamante captured an older spirit of hard rock and found a way to twist and tweak it into something more modern. Some big touring opportunities followed her debut, Read more […]

Vexillum – When Good Men Go to War (Scarlet Records)

More often than ever musicians combine two (or more) sub-genres in the metal platform due to diverse influences, hopeful to generate a wider array of followers. When done convincingly, the results can Read more […]

Bloody Hell – The Bloodening (Rockshots Records)

It’s not very often you hear of a band taking an extended hiatus to work with a children’s heavy metal band that does 80’s covers in child-friendly Finnish lyrics for educational purposes – but Read more […]

Autumn Bride – Undying (Stamping Ground Records)

Originating as a side project in 2016 with members from death/thrash act Days of Loss and an Iron Maiden tribute band, Austria’s Autumn Bride quickly gathered momentum as a symphonic metal quartet with Read more […]

Osiah – Loss (Unique Leader)

Osiah laid some pretty solid groundwork with their second album, Kingdom of Lies, back in 2019. It fell into some deathcore clichés, but the overall strengths of it pushed the album above many in the Read more […]

Evile – Sent from Below

Back again after a prolonged absence, Evile are the premiere UK thrash band from the second generation of acts that hit the scene. After four albums on Earache, they’ve now signed with Napalm Records Read more […]

Arion – A Modern Evolution

Over the course of the last decade, Arion has evolved from a power metal act to a more modern one. Their latest album, Vultures Die Alone, really augments these changes and crafts a musical experience Read more […]

Sonic Desolution – Explorer (GMR Music)

Sometimes it’s great to have a curve ball in terms of musical output even from seasoned musicians associated mostly in the hard rock/metal fields. Such is the case for Sonic Desolution – a Swedish Read more […]

In Asymmetry – Ashes of Dead Worlds (Comatose)

Brutal, technical death metal featuring drummer extraordinaire Darren Cesca (Deeds of Flesh, Goratory, etc) and former Inanimate Existence/The Kennedy Veil vocalist Taylor Wientjes – sign this scribe Read more […]

Conclave – Dawn of Days (Argonauta Records)

In the five-year interim between full-lengths, Conclave have undergone a lineup change with second guitarist Terry Savastano leaving, acquiring Chris Giguere and signing with overseas label Argonauta Records Read more […]

Feed Them Death – Negative (Brucia Records)

While the complaint of death metal bands becoming sterile in their quest for technicality can be a genuine concern at times, there’s also a growing underbelly that is happy to throw you right into eerie Read more […]

Skarlett Riot – Stronger and Stronger

Four years after their impressive Regenerate, Skarlett Riot has returned and once again upped the heaviness and intensity of their music. Invicta balances visceral riffing and screaming vocals with some Read more […]

Ghost Iris – Comatose (Long Branch Records)

Interesting to see how a term like metalcore has evolved over the years. It used to really be a pretty specific quality, but as it has grown over the years it covers a wider (and arguably more genuinely Read more […]

Nexus Opera – La Guera Granda (The Great Call to Arms) (Revalve Records)

Named as a ‘connection opera’ between the present (the band’s music) and the past (history, characters, and real events), Italian act Nexus Opera originally started in the early 2000’s, split in Read more […]